Obama/Bush Thoughts

Hm. I’m not really sad, per se. But then I don’t know that I was particularly excited or anything when Bush was sworn in. I mean there was that “yay for our team” feeling. But, really, it’s hard to feel much about something that is… nothing.

That’s a wierd thing to say – inaugurations are important. But nothing’s really happened yet.

I’m hesitant. I can genuinely say that I don’t think Obama’s going to do Great Things For Our Country.

I have some apprehension about what things Obama’s going to do. I know a lot of people will be cheering nearly everything Obama does and I’ll be among the like 8 people who don’t.

I’m hoping to be fair in my judgements, as I hope I’ve been fair in my judgements of Bush.

(Who I still like. Who I found disappointing in his second term. Who I think did a decently good job as President. The things I found disappointing are about the polar opposite of the things that others find disappointing. IOW – Gitmo? Fine by me.)


6 responses to “Obama/Bush Thoughts

  1. I too am apprehensive about the things Obama is going to do. I don’t think he’s this great thing that will bring about a lot of positive changes for our country. I am curious, however, to see what he will do and what kind of changes he will make. And I know far more than 8 who won’t be cheering on everything he does 😉

  2. I am fearful of what this administration might bring. I honestly can’t think of a single thing I agree with the man on….so any changes he might make are likely to be ones that I dislike.

  3. You know we are about as right as you can get…I’ve often said I’d rather pay and keep rights, than have a more socialist set up and less tax. We’ll just have to see. I think something for all Christians to keep in mind is that no matter who our president (and other leaders) is, we have a responsibility to pray for him, that God would give him (or eventually her, I’m sure) wisdom and guidance

  4. I feel the same way as you! There are more then….we just need to keep telling others that a good speech does not make a great leader. I heard a caller on a radio show today talking about Gitmo. He said that they should have the same rights as us…..I don’t think he knew where he lived. Our United States Constitution is to protect our citizens not people who try to kill us. Doesn’t anyone remember what they did to our POW’s…..they cut their heads off. How can our citizens say making a POW stay awake for hours on end is too much??? People are nuts and are allowing our freedom to slip away. Sure Obama “sounds” better then Bush. But Bush said what he believed and did what he said he would do. I like a leader who makes the tough decisions even if we don’t like it. Our new celebrity Obama changes his mind with the way the wind blows, and can bet friends like Oprah won’t be sharing her wealth anytime soon.

  5. Not every person in Gitmo is a terrorist. Many innocent men were turned in by neighbors and others seeking the reward offered by America for those involved with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

    If every person there were guilty and a terrorist, what would it have hurt to give them a hearing to determine that?

    Many men have been released from Gitmo suddenly and without fanfare. Either these men are terrorists our Government has now released back into the wild, or they are innocent and were held for years and subject to torture for no reason.

    No everyone there is innocent. But not everyone there is guilty. Just give them all fair hearings and trials so that guilt or innocence can be determined.

    • Many cannot be tried because the evidence needed to convict them is classified. Even the Obama administration has acknowledged this. Closing the place just means we move them elsewhere or let dangerous criminals go free. Ps not everyone there is subject to “torture” like being kept awake for hours on end…

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