Recycling in Des Moines with the new Rolly Bins!

Well, we finally got our giant blue rolling recycle bin about a month ago. I think we were among the last people in the city to get one! I had some initial concerns about storage space for it – we barely have a place for the city-required garbage receptacle, and I wasn’t sure where we’d put the equally-large recycle bin.

I will say, that concern has not been totally addressed – we have it parked in our driveway, awkwardly jutting into the space also occupied by my car, and causing somewhat of a problem when we try to get into the car sometimes. (Or, when I try to back in.) And it looks pretty bad, but that whole side of my house is hardly a landscaping mecca, so I can’t really complain.

But the problem of finding a place to stash it is more than overridden by how much I love the bin and the new process. No more limits on cardboard boxes. No more keeping paper separate from cans and glass. I just toss everything – junk mail, cans, whatever – into our recycling bin in the kitchen, and we carry it out and dump it into the big bin whenever it gets full.

This is another aspect of the new bins that the city never really mentioned – because the blue bins have lids, I don’t have to store my recycling inside the house until pickup day. Since our recycling gets picked up only every other week, our family (and many others) found ourselves running out of indoor space for our recycling. These new, huge, lidded bins take care of this.

And, our family is recycling so much more! Before the big blue bin, once we ran out of space to store recycling inside, we’d generally just start tossing stuff in the trash. The other option of letting the recycling pile up in unattractive heaps in the kitchen wasn’t too super appealing. (No, taking it to the garage was not an option. I’m lazy, and marching up and down the awkward steps to the basement while carrying a newborn AND recycling is just not really top on my list of things to do. Plus, I’m not sure we can fit anything in there besides the car. It’s a tiny garage.)

So – yay!


3 responses to “Recycling in Des Moines with the new Rolly Bins!

  1. we got ours several months ago, and LOVE it.
    this is the first city that we’ve lived in with a great recycling program, and it’s such a blessing. especially now that I don’t have to spend all night sorting the recycling before pick-up day. 🙂

  2. Ooooh…I am so jealous of your bins. 🙂 Bozeman just this year got curbside recycling, but it’s $10 a month, so we didn’t get it. We just have to lug it all to the Kmart or WalMart parking lots and separate every last little thing. Plus, they don’t take glass. Plus, they only take 1 and 2 plastics. Despite being a progressive town, it’s just still a “small town” and they are slow at adopting new things!

  3. Hi,

    I came across your blog when I was searching “blue recycle bins Des Moines.” I go to Drake University and am writing an article for our senior magazine’s website about the new blue recycle bins. It sounds like you have a lot to say about this topic, so I would love to ask you a few questions about it. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please email me at the address I left the comment on! Thank you!!

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