2009 Photo A Day, Catchup Post #3

Soup for Dinner - 1/13 Ready to Dye - 1/14 Shibori - 1/15

Soup for Dinner, from scratch by me. (1/13)
Ready to Tie Dye (1/14)
Shibori – fabric all wrapped around the pole, scrunched, tied, dyed (1/15)

Wii - 1/16 No Title. 1/17 Mei Tai - 1/18

Wii. Notice that Wally is sitting down, but his red face gives away how he normally plays – running and jumping. (1/16)
Reading on the pot (1/17)
In the Mei Tai, part of our Get Genna To Like The Carriers plan. (1/18)

Knitting - 1/19 Playdough - 1/20 Shaving 1/21

Knitting Group, total cleavage shot on Sabbath there. Sorry. (1/19)
Playdough. Wally made a uterus (inadvertently) but turned it into this before I got the camera. (1/20)
Wally snuck in a quick shave before his bath today, when I was out of the room. (1/21)


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