Photo-a-day 2009

I didn’t join any groups on Facebook or in the blog world for 2009. I just simply told myself I wanted to take a picture a day. I tried doing all self portraits in 2008, but when the going got tough in my life, taking a picture of myself every day doing something creative just wasn’t a priority. 2009’s goal is just a picture. Of anything. And then my computer died. As a nice side effect, some of the photos on my memory card got corrupted.

So now I’m catching up.

Tea Cozy - 1/1 Button Press - 1/2 Headscarf - 1/3

Tea Cozy I knit from scraps. Every knitter needs one, eh? (1/1)
Wally making buttons using our button press, which is super fun. (1/2)
New headscarf for me that I love and have been wearing a lot lately. (1/3)

Legos - 1/4 Genna - 1/5 Finished hat, the first time.

Legos (1/4)
Genna (1/5)
Knit Hat for Me, when I thought it was finished. (1/6)


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