Pros and cons of our life

We do not have your average family life. Sometimes I love the life we live. Sometimes I wish we were more, well, normal. I think as the kids grow older, we’ll have to make some changes.

I’m not just a stay at home mom, as you surely know if you read here. I own a business, and it keeps me pretty busy. So most days, instead of just hanging with the kids, running errands, going to playdates, or getting together with friends…I’m working. I enjoy it. I need/like the money. I am proud of my business and what I’ve built from scratch in just 4 years. But, some days, the thought of having to close because of the CPSIA doesn’t make me sad.

Then, our daytime life is complicated by our evening life. Mondays are dance troupe rehearsal (except the third Monday, when the group rehearses without me while I sneak off to knitting). Wednesdays, we teach. Thursdays are private lessons. Sometimes we have teaching obligations on weekends. I’d like to get Wally involved in some sort of activity, but Randy wants to take him to said activity, meaning it has to be an evening. So, either Family Night (Tuesday) has to go, or private lessons on Thursday have to go.

Again, I like teaching and dancing and the troupe. But, at times, it seems like it would be pretty nice to have our evenings all free, you know? Particularly when it’s completely frigid outside and I have to bundle up two kids.



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