Well, PISS

I just remembered that I totally FORGOT to send a request to the white house for a congratulatory card on the birth of our baby. We got one for Wally. I wanted to get one for Genna. But, um, not now.


9 responses to “Well, PISS

  1. Of course skin color is not important but it is considered a historic event because of his skin color. 😉 That said, wish he didn’t win. Especially after today.

  2. I had no idea you could even do that. I never heard of that.

    One reason Strom Thurmond was so successful was that his staff would collect all the wedding announcements from all the newspapers all over South Carolina. Then he would personally call each woman and tell her what a beautiful bride she was. Over a period of decades, he had personally contacted a very large proportion of the SC electorate. (presumably only the white people)

  3. W. must have some kind of office set up somewhere, presumably in Dallas or Houston. I bet there is an address online somewhere.

  4. well a person would certainly think so, but i could not find TX contact info for him. I found his library but I don’t know if that’s a good way to contact him… I figured I’d give it a few weeks for Google to catch up (when I searched, it still suggested the white house for Bush) and try again.

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