OK, so Abby made us dinner after Genna was born and it was really freaking good. Shepard’s pie, but with lamb and hamburger and some completely awesome combination of spices.

And I think I’ve figured out the trick. Abby uses spices. Her food tastes really good. It’s like a party in your mouth. Randy uses spices, too, but he tends to use the same spices over and over, and his cooking tends towards the hot/garlic/ginger range. That’s the flavor he enjoys, and it’s what he’s always cooked with. (that and things like zatar.)

I mean, I can make hamburger and layer it in a pan with vegetables and top with potatoes. But it tends to taste like cardboard. I’m just not as familiar/comfortable with seasonings as I ought to be.

I used to do something similar to once a month cooking, but I’d do one or two weeks at a time. Generally, I did all of the food prep on Sunday, including packing lunches for the week, and then each night, it was just a matter of pulling out the casserole dish, or dumping a container of stuff into the crock pot, or whatever. My stumbling block here is that I have so few recipes that lend themselves to this type of cooking that do not involve dairy.

When I was a newlywed, I cooked almost all the time. Then Randy somehow took over. He’s better at it anyway. Then when I was newly home with Wally, I cooked a lot. And I continued to make food from scratch until he was about 2. Yogurt, crackers, bread, etc. Just not necessarily DINNER foods.

Additionally, Randy usually eats a late lunch, so he’s not hungry when he gets home, and I am. By the time he’s ready for dinner, I’m too tired to make it. Finally, he is incapable of planning meals out ahead. I rarely care what we eat – eating is just a means to an end for me. But Randy loves food. And he is rarely in the mood for whatever we’ve planned for the day’s meals.

But Randy has suggested a new plan for us. He is going to stop at the store on the way home from work each night, with a clear budget. He cannot spend over whatever that night’s dollar amount is. He is to get fresh ingredients that go along with the staples we have at home and will cook a meal from those fresh ingredients. Nothing canned, packaged, frozen. The budget he has for the day will help keep our food spending down, and will also help limit the amount of food we (he) can eat, particularly meat. We’ll see how it goes…


One response to “Cooking

  1. You need Spike!! The seasoning mix called “Spike” is magical and will make EVERYTHING you cook taste awesome. I swear by it!

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