I’m considering joining Sara on a quest to memorize Scripture this year. I had undertaken some Scripture memorization earlier in my life, and still remember a few of the verses I had memorized at that time.

I had to laugh, though, at this. “Even if you have never been good at memorizing things, I truly believe that with God’s power, through prayer, and a little perseverance that ANYONE can memorize scripture. We memorize phone numbers, songs, quotes, etc. all the time…it is possible to do this!”

Hm. I can recall a time in my life when I memorized phone numbers, songs, etc. At that time in my life, listening to a song as many times as I’ve listened to the That’s How You Know song from Enchanted, I would have the thing memorized. At the present time, I can only barely recall the main theme of the song.

Phone numbers? Randy moved to a new office mid-December. Over a month ago. I still can’t remember his new phone number. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when they disconnect the recording at his old number that tells me his new number. (At the same time, my sister got a new phone number when they moved into their new house two years ago. I know it starts with 402, which is the Nebraska area code. Nothing beyond that.)

That said, I’m sure I can memorize scripture if I really want to.


2 responses to “Considering…

  1. You’ll just need a little MORE prayer than others… 🙂 You can do it! But I can totally relate…I’m forgetting people’s names these days and tons of other stuff. Major preggo brain.

    • Well good heavens, I’ve always forgotten names. See, if I develop memory problems as I age, well, I don’t think anyone will notice.

      I would be happy if I could remember the FIRST part of a sentence – that I’m saying – at least through the END of the sentence. I’ve met so many new customers these last few weeks who must think I’m a total idiot.

      But I’m sure I can do it. (um, I can do all things through Him, but I don’t remember where that comes from.)

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