25 Random Things

Alright, I already did this on Facebook, but I’m awake and I can’t sleep and I have my laptop!! And it seems to be working!! Yay!! So here’s another 25 random things. I’ll see if I can come up with another 25.

1. Growing up, my mom was a teacher and my dad was a Presbyterian minister. He quit the pastor gig when I was 12 and spent several years working odd jobs like UPS truck loading and manning the phone at a computer game software company help line. Eventually, he got his AA at DMACC in computer something or another and started working at the Help Desk at American Republic. He loved it. My mom spent the rest of their marriage trying to convince him in stuble and not so stuble ways to switch to a more high-paying job. My mom, meanwhile, remained in the classroom teaching gifted students. As annoying as she was as a mother, she was a fantastic teacher. My dad offered her nothing but support in her chosen career, even though, with a PhD, she certainly could have also taken on a higher paying or more prestigious job.

2. I considered going to college at Northwestern, ISU, University of Southern California, and Buena Vista before settling on Simpson. I chose Simpson because it was close to home and I was in love with Randy. This was before we started dating. Good thing it worked out, huh?

3. I got my BA in Communication Studies. I was an Undeclared until the college forced me to pick a major. I picked Communications because I liked the head of the department (as an instructor) and a smart guy I knew from the theater department was also a Communications major and he made a fairly effective sales presentation on what a great major it was.

4. I really wanted to go to ISU and major in, well, anything in their Home Ec department, or fiber arts. But I couldn’t figure out what I’d do with that other than teach. And I didn’t want to be a teacher. Now I kinda wish I’d gone for it at ISU, considering my current life, but I wouldn’t be here without that Communications degree that got me my job at Landauer, which led to American Republic and my awesome boss Sarah.

5. I’m not so secretly proud of how geeky I am.

6. I don’t normally lust after techno toys, but I’m totally digging the new generation Ipod Touch.

7. I really, really want a household robot.

8. Sometimes when I’m awake at night I’m really resentful of all the snoring and farting that goes on in my bed.

9. I was stood up by a customer today and I’m still peeved about it. I mean, really. Just call if you can’t make it!!

10. People really annoy me, generally speaking. I don’t know why.

11. I’ve considered getting my Master’s degree. I don’t know what in, and I don’t know why. Actually, though, I think it’d be more fun to go back and get another Bachelor’s in something else, but I don’t know if they let you do that. I miss college, which is odd considering I spent my three years there basically sitting in class doing other things, but getting good marks on papers and tests.

12. I spent a few summers doing phone surveys. It was actually pretty fun until the company I worked for my second summer decided to outlaw any and all forms of entertainment at work. A lot of us took crossword puzzles to work on while we were waiting for another call to come in the queue. Without those puzzles, work was SO BORING because of all the downtime.

13. My first job out of college was for Landauer Corporation. I was officially Associate Editor. I did copyediting, some layout work, fact-checking, relations with the publishers in Hong Kong, checking proofs, contact with crafters, etc. I learned a lot – a LOT – about how not to run a home-based business.

14. I started working at American Republic mainly because, well, I needed a job, but also because I really wanted to work at the same company my dad worked at. And he was sooo proud to have me there. Unfortunately, we only worked together for about 2 weeks before he had to take a leave of absence due to his cancer diagnosis.

15. I don’t mind tax time, but it is kind of a hassle. I do our taxes myself because I do not believe that a person ought to have to pay someone else to do it. I’ll probably talk more about this as we get closer to tax time.

16. I have filed my taxes late before. 2004. Wally was born 4/15. We put the returns in the mailbox on the way to our weekly appointment, since I knew I was in labor and we probably would not be returning. The mailman didn’t take it. It was still there when we came home three days later. Yikes. The IRS people were very friendly about the whole thing, though.

17. I’m starting to get pretty tired.

18. I always pictured our family as having children closer together, and all boys. And probably numerous children. That’s clearly not going to happen now, but it’s OK. God’s the one in charge of our family situation, and He clearly knows better than I.

19. It’s so warming to see how much Wally and Genna adore each other. Today when we got to the library for story time, he had to let go of her hand to get out of the car, and I had to throw a blanket over her to keep her warm. She thrust her little hand out from under the blanket and was waving it around, searching for her brother’s hand.

20. I only shower about once a week, sometimes twice. I wash myself at the sink in between times.

21. I love the dentist.

22. I need new glasses badly, and am looking forward to being able to afford them this year.

23. I actually am considering dreadlocks. How bizarre would I look with dreads? The idea of not having to even brush my hair is very appealing. I mean, I barely brush it now, but you can totally tell.

24. I really love snuggling with my babies at night. Even when I’m all out of room in the bed. I go back and forth, do I want to try to transition the kids to their own (shared) bed when Genna’s around 1? Or keep them in bed with us?

25. Part of me wants a third kid. Part of me is still really scared of another loss.


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