So I should elaborate, I really didn’t mean to press Publish there.

A while back i was on this urban homesteading kick, and we thought about getting chickens. Then the pregnancy got crazy and then I had a baby and that was crazy and I decided NOT go get chickens. Then just when I thought I had decided, several friends kind of talked me back into reconsidering it.

And I’ve been reconsidering for a few months. And waffling. Part of the deal is that I really kind of wanted Randy to be all on board, particularly since I hate winter, being cold, being outside in the winter, etc. and thought he might have to take over their care. And, well, because, as a family, we tend to be enthusiastic about things for a while, then lose interest. I mean, our crabs are horribly neglected these days.

And I didn’t think Randy was all on board, and it seemed overwhelming to learn all I’d need to learn to make an educated decision, right? My friend Abby has chickens on her farm, so could lend me expertise, but it was the raising them in the city aspect that kind of freaked me out.

So I was still waffling when my friend Jessica emailed me yesterday to let me know that she and some of our other friends are also considering backyard chickens. So I waffled some more. But having other people who I know who are also raising chickens in town would make it a bit easier, certainly.

This morning, I called Randy at work and asked him what he thought, for real. And he said OK. And I waffled more.

And he came home from work and I asked again and he said “I thought we already decided we were getting them, it’s a done deal. Stop fretting over it.”

So, there you have it. We both agree on a coop design that we like and Abby’s going to order me some baby chicks and help make sure I don’t kill them. I am very fortunate to have a friend who is so awesomely experienced with chickens and who doesn’t mind helping me figure this out.

In addition to the eggs aspect (which is funny because I’m the ONLY ONE in my house who eats actual eggs) and the meat aspect (can I really eat pets?), I hope Wally enjoys having animals around. We can’t have regular pets, due to allergies. (I mean, we could have an outside dog, but I feel mean doing that.) They’ll be great for homeschooling and also potentially good for 4-H.


2 responses to “Chickens

  1. And I am totally here for you. They are so easy, especially with only a few. Anydifficulty comes more when they are babies, and when you have more (like crazy ol’ me). And Wally was asking for eggs while you were pregnant…they get excited about eating them when they are involved in making them happen. That is, when they don’t break them on the way into the house….which still happens pretty regularly with Liv.

  2. I got my first batch of “local” chickens in September. I have 10 hens and they have just started laying – woo hoo! My dh built our coop last fall (I had chickens living in my basement for wayyy too long) and the chickens are doing great.

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