So to counteract all the Super Mama photos

Right, so all those pictures of us playing cards and games and homeschooling and whatnot, I’m afraid might have given you, dear friends and strangers, the wrong impression. We DO do those things regularly. Daily if possible. But then there’s a fair amount of this:

Movie - 1/27

Wally sitting at my computer in my office watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, drinking tea and eating fries from McDonald’s. I mean, how crunchy and wholesome can you get??

Most days, he plays with his legos or his plethorea of toys or he paints or draws. Often, he plays educational games on my computer, but now that we have the Wii, he’s totally on to the fact that Phonics games are just a sneaky way to learn phonics. Rarely, he uses the leappad his grandparents got him. Frequently, he runs around the basement making all manner of sound effects, lost in his own world. But some days, well… it’s TMNT, or Iron Man, or whatever. On my computer. Because that’s way more fun than on the small TV in the neighboring area of the basement.

We used to only watch educational movies (Muzzy or similar), but now it’s largely just entertainment. I think I’ll start throwing the Muzzy back on, though. The Guten Morgen song still sticks in my head sometimes.

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