Photo a day

1/30. Ears.

Ear - 1/30

Miss Genna had her follow-up hearing test on Friday, and passed with flying colors. Yay.


1/31. Yarn.

CSA Yarn - 1/31

I got my first delivery from the fiber CSA last week. Six skeins of single-ply. From the pictured sheep, Strawberry. Mor on the CSA over at Boulevard Designs.


2 responses to “Photo a day

  1. Yeah, I kept reminding myself that David had failed his newborn test, too, whenever I’d get too worried about it. Thing is, I couldn’t escape the thought that if I were God looking for a family to take a child who was going to be hearing impaired, um, I’d pick me. I know sign language. I know more about helping h-i children than average people. I have two aunts and two uncles who could give me first-hand information on raising children with hearing impairments.

    So, while I really thought she was fine, I also couldn’t argue with my logic there. But clearly I am not God and we don’t use the same logic.

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