oh, right, forgot to mention…

I had written about the cpsc granting a 1 year stay on testing and certification over at Wallypop, but forgot to mention it here. yay!

The one year will give Congress a chance to untangle the mess they created (unlikely) OR will give the CPSC more time to go thru the administrative rulemaking process. CPSC doesn’t have the authority to delay compliance with the limits of the law (the lead limits and phahalates limits), but they have allowd manufacturers and retailers to avoid testing requiremtns for a year.

So I’ll still need to test a few things, but I don’t have to do nearly the same extensive and redundant testing I woudl have had to do otherwise. That makes me super happy.

Now hopefullly they’ll use this year wisely to consider the evidence presented to them by the apparel industry re: the unliklihood of lead being in textiles.


2 responses to “oh, right, forgot to mention…

  1. I’ve been hoping all along that the Consumer Product Safety Commission would take advantage of flexibility in how they can implement the law. Glad to hear your good news.

    What “few things” do you need to test?

    From what I’ve read, certain kinds of textiles can contain lead, but I think that’s only if they have metallic elements woven into them.

  2. Well, I’m sure my thread, elastic, and fabric is all OK. I will be be testing a few samples of fabric to be on the safe side.

    Several of my fabric suppliers have already either certified with wet (destructive) testing, or their factories already are at stricter standards than CPSIA.

    Touchtape’s factory is Okeo-Tex certified. KAM snaps have certified for CPSIA. Sling Rings has certified.

    What that leaves for me is: the rings for my Pint Size ring slings (which I doubt have lead, but I have no testing to back me up and manufacturer is NOT certifying), the D-rings I use for toy rings (which are nickel), zippers on wet bags. I really think that might be it. Every time I go down to my office, I look around to see what I could be overlooking, but I really don’t use that many supplies.

    Technically the wet bags are NOT for children and I’m going to stop making children’s clothes (the few I was making for sale are really more of a pain than anything) so I may skip the zippers.

    I’ve thought for a while that there was just no way the law would stand as it reads. The CPSC HAD to do something favorable in the rule-making process. I mean, the law is just SOOO over-reaching. This is just the first step, but it’s a great one. It gives Congress (if they choose – several of our lawmakers keep noting that they’re awfully busy on more important things) a chance to go change some of the unintended parts, and gives CPSC a chance to consider additional rules exempting classes of items, etc.

    So, this isn’t IT. I mean, a year from now we’re right where we would have been in August. They still have changes to make.

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