How do I miss all the cool stuff at Target? I go to the Jordan Creek one, the Urbandale one, and the Ankeny one (OK, I’m a super Target snob, get over it). Apparently, Target carries BabyLegs, BumGenius diapers, Moby wraps, Peanut Shell pouches, and a few other cool items… but I’ve never seen a single one of these things at Target. I’ll grant I don’t really spend a whole lot of time in the baby section, but we do walk by and sometimes through the baby section. (I mean, because I walk by/through pretty much every section at Target, in search of red Clearance tags, nearly every time we go. I’ve found underwear for Wally that way – granted, it was five sizes bigger than what he needed at the time, but it was on CLEARANCE and now he’s wearing that clearance underwear.)


4 responses to “Target

  1. Yup, I only have seen cool stuff like that at the Altoona one after Abby said to go there- I’ve seen Hotslings online but not in the other stores. Weird, huh?

  2. I’ve seen all that stuff plus another cloth diaper line (forget which one) online and most of it at the Urbandale store. It is not all together. The carriers were tucked in the other Bjorn and baby backpack carriers and the diapers were in two places- the prefolds and flats (both gerber) were with bibs? and the bum genius were with……something else…….diaper bags I think. I remember thinking the placement was stupid.

    Anyway. At least they have it all online. That makes it easy for people with gift cards and MIL’s like mine who will at least buy them from target.

  3. the valley west Target usually has the most of those things that I’ve seen – but they have been clearing everything out recently – don’t know if they will get new in or not but seriously EVERYTHING was going.

    I too am a Target FREAK!

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