Children’s Movie Review: Enchanted

Been a while since I did one of these.

What I like: It’s a true fairy tale. The gal who plays the princess is awesomely naive and princess-y.

What I don’t like: Susan Sarandon’s in it.

Willing Suspension of Disbelief Becomes Challenging: Nathaniel is talking to Queen Narissa’s image in a restaurant kitchen in a pot of soup and nobody seems to notice. That bugs me.

What Wally could learn: Treating a girl right. Innocence and happiness and just sheer wishing good things to happen CAN help good things happen.

What Wally probably is learning: That mean people sometimes turn into dragons and you have to fight them.

Enchanted is really a delightful little movie about an animated fairy tale princess who finds herself suddenly in New York City as a real person. She’s as fairy tale as they come, and she gets entangled in the lives of a single dad and his daughter. Watching her cope with NYC is good for some chuckles. Amy something plays the princess and she does a superb job of it.


3 responses to “Children’s Movie Review: Enchanted

  1. That’s right. She was in an episode or two of The Office, too. And apparently will be in the Night at the Museum sequel. She really was just the right girl for the job in Enchanted, though.

  2. Sabbath…you went to school in CO? Me too! I did grades 1-4 in Greeley, CO.

    Sarah, I agree with you on this review. Though I totally got the soup pot thing. Magic is only seen to those who it is directed to and people in NY are crazy and talk to soup. I get it!

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