Headscarf - 1/3

I’ve dyed myself two or three of these scarves (I thought it was three, but I can only find two). They’re just a bit bigger than your average do-rag, which makes them perfect for covering everything up.

I find myself covering my head more and more often these days, thought I’d largely fallen out of the habit last year. It’s not so much out of religious conviction but more out of a practical desire to cover up my nasty unshowered mama hair.

I did make some extras for Etsy. I listed two this morning.


5 responses to “Headscarves

  1. This is how I most commonly tie mine: http://www.tznius.com/cgi-bin/bun.pl

    Super easy. Sometimes I also just tie them like a regular do-rag.

    You can also tie them like Rosie the Riveter, with the tie up at your forehead. For this size, when I do that, I just tuck the extra “point” fabric under the knot at my forehead. But it works for me with this size because I have enough hair to make this size not be too big. If you had really short hair, this size scarf might be too big for the Rosie the Riveter style.

  2. I covered for a while for religious reasons and really got a lot out of it. I had felt a strong calling towards modesty and covering and then after a time, it felt OK to stop covering, but I continued to do so for a while anyway. Now, like I said, it’s mainly to cover up my nasty hair.

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