Saturday Morning Chores

It was my dearest husband’s idea to write down a list of chores that needed to be done every week, then we’d do them as a family first thing Saturday mornings. I ignored the implied suggestion that my homemaking has deteriorated since the birth of Genna and wholeheartedly agreed to the plan. Last week, we compiled our list of six chores.

  • Clean kitchen thoroughly including floors
  • Clean bathroom thoroughly including floors
  • Sweep floors in rest of house
  • Dust
  • Thoroughly pick up house
  • Maintain fish, crab, and lobster tanks. (technically, Tito is a crawfish.)

So it’s Saturday morning, right?

And I’m cleaning the house by myself, as usual. It seems that the only thing that’s changed here is that I’m doing it on Saturday morning instead of throughout the week, and I’m more resentful. Nice plan.


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