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The same AMN article linked previously goes on to say:

An October 2005 Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine study found that 54% of pediatricians surveyed had encountered parents who refused all vaccines in the previous year, and 85% had dealt with parents who refused or delayed some vaccines.

Nearly 40% of these doctors said they would refer immunization-refusing families elsewhere, saying the parents’ decisions demonstrated a lack of trust in them as physicians and an absence of shared care goals. A 2001 American Academy of Pediatrics survey found that only 4.8% of pediatricians always made good on the firing threat, while 18.1% did sometimes.

I don’t have a problem with this.  I know parents get all upset when they’re fired by their doctor over things like this, but really – if your doctor disagrees with you so strongly that he fires you (and loses all that money) – don’t you think it’s really for the best?? Plus, if my doctor was that much of an a-hole, chances are he’d be a**y about other things, too, don’t you think? And who needs an argument every time they question a prescription?? (That sounds odd, what I mean is – if my doctor writes a script, I expect to know why it’s needed. And I expect my question of “what is this going to do for my child” to be answered, rather than be given a lecture on who is the doctor and who is the patient. I respect my doctor’s expertise…and I expect him to respect me, too.)


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  1. I don’t think that’s really “new,” that was out there when I was researching several years ago. Personally, the potential link with autism is not a big factor for me.

    Tara Smith’s comment quoted in that link “It’s even more disgusting in light of the fact that I doubt this new information will change many minds when it comes to vaccination” is probably true – what many people fail to understand is that many of us who do not vaccinate, or who selectively vaccinate – is that it’s not all about autism. If that was my ONLY concern, this revelation would certainly be cause for re-evaluation.

    Even if I didn’t have major reservations about vaccinations in general, the MMR would still be a major cause for concern, because I had such a bad (and lifelong) reaction to the MMR booster. (ITP, which is usually acute, but in me was/is chronic, and study after study has suggestd a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and ITP – very rare, but high enough to be mentioned in the handouts they’re supposed to give you.)

    My guess would be that I was genetically pre-dispositioned, since we now know I have a genetic issue with the way my blood works.

  2. Kind of scary that 40% of doctors would refer elsewhere. If that number rises, where are select/delay or non-vax families who still want a doc supposed to go?

  3. Yada, yada…lots to say about vaccines and whatnot but really, can I just say how much I absolutely LOVE your new header? Perfect. It’s just perfect. 🙂
    *Back to serious discussions now*

  4. As kind of an unrelated comment here, did anyone happen to notice the article in Monday’s DMR about Steven Gaer (WDM’s mayor) daughter’s plight w/a seizure disorder? She’s 19 and it said the seizures started at 4 mo of age and specifically states they feel vaccinations could be the cause. (I found it shocking that would be so boldly stated.) Does anyone know anymore about this?

    Of course, in today’s DMR, there is a unsigned editorial about how we must all get our kids vaccinated. Grr.

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