Science Center

ScienceCenter - 2/12

We went to the Science Center on Thursday, in our weekly effort to get out  of the house more than just for Story Time. Here, Wally is assembling a Lego car, or actually a fleet of Lego cars. Even though we own more Legos than God, this is where we spent most of our time at the Science Center.


And here is Wally inspecting his broken cars at the bottom of the race track. They kept running into each other.


This is what a baby sleeping in a wrap looks like on the pin wall.


And this is Wally’s second-favorite part of the Science Center. Bubbles.

I will say, I like the Science Center, but am disappointed every time we go. So many of the displays are broken or missing parts. Over half of the Small Discoveries room doesn’t work right. We did venture into the room past Small Discoveries this time, a first for us, and I got a kick out of watching some video of what people who live in DC think about Iowa and Iowans. You know, we get up every morning and milk our cows or plow the fields.


2 responses to “Science Center

  1. We were at the Science Center today. I agree, too many of the exhibits don’t work right, but I think they have really improved the room where the legos are. Those rockets people make out of paper are a lot of fun. My kids also love the “ball wall” and the hydropower activity.

    We always spend some time in the room with snakes, turtles and frogs, but the highlight for us is usually the planetarium. We all love the “Iowa Skies Tonight” show about the constellations, and the kids love the Cardboard Rocket animated movie.

    I also like how the staff will wheel out temporary things for kids to play with. Today we played “match the skeleton to the animal” and marble run. I’ve seen them take out a simple gyroscope in the motion room too.

  2. We watched the cardboard rocket when we were there for the first time. Wally loved it, Genna slept (yay) and I tried not to vomit while I sang Interplanet Janet to myself!

    I think the paper rockets will be much more fun in another year. Right now, Wally pretty much wants me to make him a rocket.

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