Living like Ed Book Review

I really liked this book. It’s basically written in a casual, conversational style, as though Ed was just chatting with you about all the things he thinks are important when choosing to live green. He includes things that are easy to do (like turning down your thermostat) and things that are more challenging (solar panels). There are some places I would have preferred more statistical evidence, but that’s not really what the book’s about.

He also got me all stirred up to get an electric bike to enable me to get further distances while towing both kids. (like the library, which is out of reach on the bike) I just don’t have that kind of scratch, though!!

My favorite part of the book was easily his discussion of transportation choices. Clearly, for Ed, his electric car is the best option – he recharges it with his solar panels. But his discussion of biofuels vs hyrids (hybrids win) and driving vs flying (driving wins) were interesting.

All in all, the book gets into several Green topics, all in a light conversational tone that conveys good information without sounding textbook-y.

This is a super fun book, and would make a good gift, as well.


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