Valentine’s Day

We do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. I personally think it’s kind of a silly holiday, where people buy disposable commercial items and express their love for one another using mass-produced generic cards. Early in our relationship, we decided we should celebrate our love for each other every day, instead of one day a year, and we should do it personally, not with cards and flowers. So began our tradition of writing each other love letters and notes – on Valentine’s Day, and throughout the year. It’s nice.

(Frankly, I’ve always been opposed to flowers. What a waste!!)

But I will go further than to say that the day is silly. I’ll say that it can be damaging to relationships. On Valentine’s Day, more than any other day, there’s often this bogus pressure – women can have some pretty high expectations about what their boyfriend or husband should do. And, in true woman style, they often expect said boyfriend or husband to read their minds, too. Thus we have this problem: woman expecting something like a romantic weekend without the kids. Man producing perfectly romantic and heartfelt small gift. Woman angry because gift did not meet her expectations. Man bewildered. Everyone upset.

This is not healthy.


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