Awesome, Local

I am now going to serenade you with some favorite l0cal stuff I’ve used recently, while I work on a post in drafts about buying local.

Prairieland Herbs Breathe Easy Wand. Way better than Vicks. Effective, nonstinky, no watering eyes. Worth the drive to Altoona. I have found him to be fair, honest, fast, and to do quality work for less than big stores.

Metro Sales and Service. (no website). They repair sewing machines and vacuums. Their repair guy is nice and really good. They are reasonably fast, depending on workload and how difficult your repair is. They will consistently try to fix what you have instead of replacing parts. (For example, he’s filed down my bobbin case three times now because I keep scratching it somehow, instead of just replacing it. next time, he says, it’ll need to be replaced, but it’s cheaper to file down than to replace, and it keeps it running longer.)


2 responses to “Awesome, Local

  1. Your post is most timely. Our laptop decided to stop working yesterday. Sigh.

    So, what other local services do you like?

    I approach my local buying this way, and the order I would rate best to worst –

    local items, local location – ideal, not usually possible. Best example, buying from Praireland would be good. Farmers markets, etc.

    locally made items, outsourced supplies, local locations – next best thing. Close enough as far as I am concerned, because a lot of things just simply are not available locally.

    outsourced items, local stores – i.e. campbell’s. Good. Okay. Supporting locations with your taxes and local or not, I prefer to support small business vs larger business. Enough people are supporting larger business, but small business need SOMEONE to get them on their feet.

    outsourced items, outsourced stores – obviously the last choice. But within that choice is ANOTHER choice. We can choose which large companies we want to put our money into. We can base that on politics, how much they support or contribute to environmental causes, religious associations. Money is one place where americans truly put their money where their mouth is. It’s a powerful thing if you think about it. But most of us shop for convenience as opposed to really thinking out the details and the actions of the companies that we buy from.

    • re: other local services. We don’t really use many services, local or otherwise.

      PS, Prairieland also uses a lot of nonlocal ingredients – shea butter, for example. It’s just not avail. locally.

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