wow, Genna felt awfully warm last night, so I checked her temp and it was nearing 102. I hadn’t been able to find anything reassuring online about how high a 4 month old’s temp can go before you need to worry – Dr Sears gives the same advice regardless of age, and most other places were of the Panic Now variety, so we called the Mercy Nurse.

And she said babies under 3 months, we really worry about fevers, but after that, they’re not as worrisome and we only needed to come in if it got up to 103/104ish.

Even though I really don’t tend to mess with fevers because that’s how our body takes care of business, Genna was so miserable. So we gave her some baby Tylenol (Randy had to go to the store to get some) and she finally got some restful sleep about an hour later.

And so I finally got some restful sleep.

It’s so hard with two sick – Wally wants cuddles and to nurse, but I can’t always nurse him because Genna wants me up and bouncing. Then last night, he wanted to come lay down next to me in the bed, so I had him pushed up against the bed rail and completely smooshed on me, then Genna a few inches away, and trying to keep him still so he doesn’t move the bed too much and wake her up… ugh.

Thing is, neither one is really all that sick. Wally’s just got a cold (cough/pleghm/runnynose/grumpiness) and Genna just has a cold (cough, runnynose, sore throat I think, pleghm). Geez, I can hardly wait until I have two puking at the same time.

Anyway, we’re all more rested this morning, her fever seems to be gone, but she’s strangely filthy. She’s been throwing up a bit, and of course, she’s still drooling like a banshee, so I suspect she drooled out some of the tylenol and it made her sticky and she’s got fuzz from my shirt stuck all over her face.


3 responses to “sick

  1. So glad you made it through the night…we were there as well. Bella had a 105.2 temp that dropped with some belladonna homeopathy. If it wouldn’t have dropped by this morning, I would have gone the OTC route as well. With a baby that little, they are so uncomfortable with a fever. Bella was sleeping soundly, despite having such a high fever, so we let it run it’s course. She’s still resting and watching PBS today, but I’m hoping that was the end of it. I’m thinking we’ll have a croupy couch hanging around for awhile, but that’s better than a fever! Hang in there mama…

  2. ok, have you found belladonna to work well for Bella? I’ve used it myself and I love it for me, but when I take it, I tend to get MUCH worse and then better. For example, the last time I took it, I felt pretty miserable and had a fever. Started Belladonna. Fever got much worse, I had chills, I did basically nothing but sit wrapped in blankets and watch TV for about 18 hours. Then I felt fine.

    I’m OK with that for me, but have hesitated giving any to Wally.

    I’ve been giving G some of the Children’s Cold drops (not Hylands, but another For Kids formula), one at a time, but have resisted giving her astralagus or anything because I’m just not sure about dosing for infants.

  3. Oh, yeah, it’s fun when they’re both puking. I’m starting to get nervous with the one bathroom. Luckily, if big people at our house get it, it’s usually before or after the kiddos. We haven’t yet had to utilize another receptacle. Ewww.

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