You Are So Sure You’re Right

This was said to me recently. And it wasn’t meant as a compliment or an admirable character trait.

“You are so sure you’re right.”

And yeah, sometimes, I am.

Thing is, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Or obnoxious. When I have fact on my side, or when I have Right on my side, yeah – I am sure I’m right.

For example, some aspects of morality. The Bible is pretty clear, for example, that adultery and fornication are bad. Stealing = bad. Cheating, Lying = bad.
(note, I personally feel that nonbelievers are not held to the same standards, so if you do not profess to be a Christian, I guess, you can sleep around however much you want. You still can’t steal, though, because that’s also against the law.)

So, yeah, I am pretty sure I’m right about these things. Absolutely.

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