Family Life.

Sleeping Babies
OK, Genna was asleep, and I sat down to relax for a minute and read a bit. Wally wanted to sit on my lap and cuddle, so he climbed up there, too, and we were chatting a bit, and he fell completely asleep. And then I just sat there, unable to do much, until Randy came home.

For illustration...
This is for illustration purposes.
Randy there on the right of the picture, under the comforter. Wally hogging the middle. Genna on my side. See that one-foot-wide space between Genna and the bed rail? That’s my spot. Want to know something sick and twisted? That’s plenty for me. I have adapted over the last 5 years to being able to get a completely decent rest sleeping totally motionless and ever-alert to baby noises in less than one foot of space. I don’t wake up particularly comfortable… but whatever. Sleep is sleep. Some nights I end up curling up at the foot of the bed under W’s and G’s feet.

Let’s look at the other things on the bed with us. My floral pillow there is the one that goes under my knees (or between them) at night. The clothes? I bought Randy a bin specifically for those clothes. The “worn but not dirty” ones. Yet, there they are – on the bed and NOT in the box where they belong!! Of course, our Scooby Doo library books are there, too. A glass of water for everyone. A sling. A stuffed elephant wearing an expensive organic diaper cover. The stuff jammed into my spot is an extra diaper, a hankerchief, and a diaper cover. Note that Wally is naked and not under covers.


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