Goal Check-in

Sabbath reminds us to update about 2009 goals.

1) Expand my businesses. (seems odd in the face of CPSIA, yes?)

  • become more involved in industry groups, even if they’re not quite related.     Joined F-I.
  • post more regularly at places my customers frequent    Um, no.
  • some more specific plans I have that I am not comfortable posting here, considering how nearly every time I have a great idea, someone comes along and does it before I have a chance.   working towards this.

2) Maintain a healthier balance. (seems odd in the face of #1, yes?)

  • keep to a good routine that doesn’t let business eat into the whole day. I can’t get more specific until I see what January and February bring.   This has been going well until Thursday.
  • work on maintaining patience even when irritated at the constant interruptions when trying to concentrate.  I could do better here.

3) Healthy Me.

  • Outside exercise daily during decent weather.    The one day I had decent weather and nobody sick, we went for a walk.
  • Start well-thought-out exercise plan in January.    Right. It’s pretty sporadic.
  • Make that hike up Timp. (of course, this is partly/largely out of my control. will depend on Randy and Wally doing their parts.)   July, Baby!!
  • Eat well. I could define that for the sake of posterity, but I know what I mean by this and don’t have time to write it out.   doing well here.

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