so I like nursing…

I mean, just in general, but the absence of AF is super nice, too. OK, except I forgot how paranoid I get. I’m still battling this virus. I’m not really sick, I mean, I’m tired and a little sinus-y, and my ears are a little clogged… but I’m not SICK sick, right? But I’m also naseous. Particularly upon awakening.


Yes, I am. I bought a PG test yesterday. I’m not. Yay.


5 responses to “so I like nursing…

  1. LOL! I can relate. For a couple years after my ovary-ectomy I was afraid I would end up pregnant. Now, I would love to be prego, but not all unprepared like. When I had my surgery, I asked the doc if she removed all of my ovaries, and she said “yeah, we got most of them.” So I was like all or most?? I never did get a clear answer so I was always paranoid for like 2 years!

  2. Sarah, thanks for the sale of mama pads while you were technically closed. I’m right there with you. I was about to buy a PG test because I was moody and nauseous and such and then, well, apparently giving babe a taste of what I am eating at dinner was enough to count as not exclusively BF anymore. I was unprepared.

  3. story of my life recently! with winter illnesses and bugs, my paranoia always creeps in since i’m nursing but not quite as much as i was… no return of af yet but since nursing less, i spend time convincing myself i’m prego! lol. already took one test this month – whew, negative. a week later, i’m convinced the test was wrong haha….

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