To do Today

OK, right now: lunch. (yes, at 3)   done
Then: Wii with Wally   never did, he poked around and didn’t finish his lunch until 5
After that: Dinner  done
Then: Work downstairs, catch up on Wholesale order that’s been neglected while I manage media responses.    instead, spent 2 hours trying to figure out why computer was spazzing.
8:00: Rehearsal  done
After: Sleep.  done

upon awakening: process orders then fold laundry? or pick up house. Also, iron curtain.   orders processed, curtain ironed, folding laundry.

Then: breakfast and CD sale.
After: Run out to Altoona for quick computer fix.
Afternoon: first – shipping
second – fill and pack orders
third – sew fitteds for wholesale


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