alright, once W gets over this cold, I am taking him to an audiologist.

who knows a good one?  OR – what would be the potential danger of going thru the school?

He’s started telling us he can’t hear us when we talk. Things I had decided were selective hearing, now he’s seeming genuinely surprised to discover that I had been talking to him. He repeats things wrong. (I asked him to put on his socks. He walked over to a box and brought it to me. Asked him why. he said i had asked him to bring the box.) He turns the tv way up.

could just be his cold.


4 responses to “audiologist

  1. Could be wax blockage. We have to use special drops for Lily when we don’t swim regularly. She tells us when she can’t hear even though she HATES the drops, she hates not hearing more.

  2. I totally reccomend cleaning out his ears.. You can use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water, or they sell a kit at walmart. Totally helped AJ when he was 3.

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