Email from Friends of Iowa Midwives

I am hoping if you are receiving this email you are already aware of The Friends of Iowa Midwives legislation this session– HSB 229 The Midwifery Licensure Act and how important it is for midwifery supporters in Iowa.

I know many of you are on the email list for this group, or are at least friends with those of us who have been active on this issue. I am contacting you now… shamelessly begging, actually, for your involvement. I need you to email and call key legislators to let them know that YOU support the licensure of Certified Professional Midwifery in Iowa, and then go through your contacts in email and Facebook to let them know too! This is what grassroots movements are all about! Even if you chose the care of a CNM and haven’t had an out of hospital birth, I urge you to support this for other birthing families in Iowa to have this option.
If you would like to read up on some great fact sheets so you feel more prepared and comfortable in drafting your email…. go here: Look at either the Fact Sheet or the Talking Points

Here’s WHO you need to contact ASAP, before the end of the day or tomorrow morning if possible. Our bill will be in Committee tomorrow morning. We need to contact the State Government Committee that could be voting on it to show our SUPPORT. The physician groups have all rallied with a VERY STRONG presence AGAINST this bill, and they have been FLOODING the legislators with calls and emails.
WE HAVE TO COUNTER THIS!! If you know any supportive FAMILY PRACTICE physicians or OB-GYN’s please be talking to them and give them the information about who to contact.

Every one of these people needs a supportive email immediately:

State Government Committee:
Mary Mascher (D, District 77), Chair  (she is the bill sponsor. THANK HER FOR HER SUPPORT!!)
John W. Beard (D, District 16), Vice Chair
Doug Struyk (R, District 99), Ranking Member
Dennis M. Cohoon (D, District 88)
Jack Drake (R, District 57)
Marcella R. Frevert (D, District 7)
Mary Gaskill (D, District 93)
Charles Isenhart (D, District 27)
Jeff Kaufmann (R, District 79) (co-sponsor, THANK HIM FOR HIS SUPPORT!!)
Kevin Koester (R, District 70)
Vicki S. Lensing (D, District 78)
Dawn E. Pettengill (R, District 39)
Brian J. Quirk (D, District 15)
J. Scott Raecker (R, District 63)
Christopher Rants (R, District 54)
Rod A. Roberts (R, District 51)
Renee Schulte (R, District 37)
Paul C. Shomshor (D, District 100)
Todd E. Taylor (D, District 34)
Roger F. Wendt (D, District 2)
Nathan Willems (D, District 29) (co-sponsor, THANK HIM FOR HIS SUPPORT!!)

Then you need to go here and contact YOUR own State Representative (not Federal). Especially mention if you actually voted for them, they love it!
You can cut and paste YOUR OWN short personal email story to all the different legislators. It doesn’t have to be wordy or complicated.
Important things to include:
DO: Say “Please Support HSB229” in the subject line of your email.
DO: Urge the recipient to support HSB 229 in the body of the email.
DO: Say who you are. list relevant credentials (nurse, professor, etc.) and give them your address and contact info. Use correct “letter writing” format
DO: If you are a parent who has given birth at home, or someone who wants to have a legal direct-entry midwife attend your next birth, say so!
DON’T: Don’t say anything bad about hospital birth or hospitals or doctors or OB/GYNs. Don’t say their rates of intervention are too high. Focus on the positive things about midwives.
DON’T: Don’t say “lay midwives.” Refer to Certified Professional Midwives or Direct-Entry Midwives.

I can’t stress to you all enough how crucial you and your email support will be to this bill going forward. I have personally been working on this same midwifery licensure issue for TEN YEARS now. We have made some serious progress, but we have to let them know that we mean business.
Please feel free to contact myself or Sabbath if you need any additional resources or have any questions.

Jessica  865-5595
Sabbath 779-9033

I look forward to hearing from our legislators about the INFLUX of supportive emails that everyone has received when I am at the capital again tomorrow for Committee!!


One response to “Email from Friends of Iowa Midwives

  1. It might be helpful for those of us who lack certain linguistic skills to have available a sort of “form letter”. One we can literally cut and paste and fill in the blank, maybe changing a line or two to suit our needs. I am not a professional, I’m just a mom in Iowa. I’ve only ever had hospital births, with ob/gyns. I support this bill, however, because I want all women to have access to the kind of care they want and DESERVE. I support women, and the right of women to choose their care provider based on their needs, not what the government deems appropriate. thanks for posting!

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