The zoo

So, in celebration of the beeeeee-you-ti-ful day today, we went to the zoo. We actually usually go to the zoo often during the winter, just exploring the indoor parts. They’re tropical and a really nice mini-escape during the winter. But we did not go at all this past winter, and I was surprised on this trip at how much has changed. For one, the sloth is gone, and so are the little cat-like creatures just past the incredibly pointless hunter’s cabin. They were doing some construction on other areas of the indoor exhibits, as well.

I was moderately surprised that there were not more people at the zoo, but by the time we left at 11:45 or noonish, the parking lot had far more cars in it than it held when we pulled in at 10.
Genna thoroughly enjoyed her first trip to the zoo.
This silly goat wanted us to feed him from his perch atop the bridge over the sidewalk. Apparently, he did not understand the rules of, well, whatever branch of science dictates that one can only reach so far.

Because the zoo was so un-crowded, Wally got a RARE chance to play at the play area. Normally, we do NOT play at the zoo, because I completely resent the fact that they have a playground there. If I wanted to go to a playground, we’d go to a playground. I think this annoys me so much because I don’t want to haul my knitting or a book around the zoo, but I generally speaking cannot sit through a park session without something to do. Additionally, this structure is built such that parents cannot actually keep an eye on their littles, which bugs me. Particularly with the fish pond so nearby.
These two little swans were serenely enjoying the afternoon next to their frozen pond.
Zoo - 3/5

Wally used to be completely scared of this bubble window, but he loves it now. On more crowded summer days, it’s nearly impossible to be able to actually enjoy the window, so we lingered here for a while.

We got to see all sorts of work going on at the zoo – habitats being scrubbed out, construction work being done, etc. I so wanted to discuss all the goings-on with Wally, but we had such a hard time talking, between his inability to hear properly and my inability to bend over to get closer to him. (He’s started talking much quieter, too, and mumbling more, and is markedly more difficult to understand.) So, we gave up on that and just wandered and pointed.


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