Should have posted this earlier…

Iowans: this is for you.

What can you do?

— Write an email. Express your support of House Study Bill 229. Put it in your own words. It doesn’t have to be long or poetic. (There is an easy list of do’s and don’t’s for writing good emails below…)

— Copy and paste that email to each one of the following Representatives (be sure to address each Representative by name, including his/her title):

Representative John Beard
Representative Marcella Frevert
Representative Mary Gaskill
Representative Brian Quirk
Representative Paul Shomshor
Representative Mary Mascher
Representative Doug Struyk
Representative Christopher Rants
Representative Jack Drake
Representative Dawn Pettengill  (Ms Pettengill feels overwhelmed by the email she’s received, so maybe not her.)
Representative J. Scott Raecker
Representative Rod Roberts
Representative Rene Schulte
Representative Kevin Koester
Representative Dennis Cohoon
Representative Charles Isenhart
Representative Todd Taylor
Representative Jeff Kaufmann
Representative Nate Willems
Representative Vicki Lensing
Representative Roger Wendt

These are the people on the State Government Committee, where the bill currently is. It would also NOT be a bad idea to go ahead and contact the remaining legislators.

NOTE: you only have to compose one e-mail message, but don’t send one e-mail to all of those addresses. Instead, copy and paste your message into separate emails. If you don’t have time to do all of them, start at the top of the list and do as many as you can. (The list is prioritized.)

Once you’ve done that, you’ve already helped tremendously! Thank you!

But wait…
Want to do more? Got 10 more minutes?

Start calling and leaving short phone messages, too! If you can leave a message for just one Representative, great! If you can leave a phone message for each one of these people, even better! Start at the top of the list and call as many as you can!

Phone messages can be brief, and should follow the same basic guidelines as the e-mails.

Call the main switchboard: 515-281-3221. Ask to speak to the Representative. Almost guaranteed you will be connected to voicemail. Or, you may talk to a Representative’s clerk; you can leave a message with the clerk, too.

What? You’re not exhausted yet, and you’re so dedicated to getting this bill passed that you want one more assignment?  There is ONE more VERY IMPORTANT thing you can do…

Tell your friends!

Know someone who is supportive of midwives but hasn’t gotten around to joining FOIM? Get them involved now!

Know a HEALTH CARE PROVIDER of any kind who is supportive of midwives? ABSOLUTELY MAKE SURE that he or she calls someone on this list and lets them know that there are physicians, nurses, chiropractors, etc. who support House Study Bill 229!

Let’s make this happen!

Now, as promised, here’s your list of do’s and don’t’s:

DO: Say “Please Support HSB229” in the subject line of your email.

DO: Urge the recipient to support HSB 229 in the body of the email.

DO: Say who you are. list relevant credentials (nurse, professor, etc.)

DO: If you are a parent who has given birth at home, or someone who wants to have a legal direct-entry midwife attend your next birth, say so!

DON’T: Don’t say anything bad about hospital birth or hospitals or doctors or OB/GYNs. Don’t say their rates of intervention are too high. Focus on the positive things about midwives.

DON’T: Don’t say “lay midwives.” Refer to Certified Professional Midwives or Direct-Entry Midwives.

DON’T: Don’t mention insurance or medicaid. It’s not a part of this bill and mentioning it sidetracks the issue.

Talking points:

-1% of the population gives birth out-of-hospital. In Iowa, that was about 400 families last year. We need to make sure these families have access to midwives.

-Research shows that planned out-of-hospital birth with CPMs results in outcomes equal to those for low-risk women giving birth in hospitals. (BMJ study, published 2005)

-It is in the interest of public health and safety for Iowa to license midwives so that the small number of Iowans who choose out-of-hospital birth can have access to these highly skilled care providers.

-CPMs are recognized in 25 other states, including our neighbors Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Missouri. and are the only care providers specifically trained in out-of-hospital birth.

*source FOIM*


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