So we picked up Eragon the movie one day because it was like $4 and had a picture of a dragon on it. And we were surprised at how much we liked it, particularly since neither Randy nor I really like fantasty movies. (Now, here is where Randy makes fun of me over Star Wars, but that is Science Fiction, and the two are really quite different.)

About a month ago, on a whim, I had picked up Authur and the Minimoys from the library, because Wally had been enjoying the movie Authur and the Invisibles. It was the first fiction book I’d read since Wally was born. Mind you, I’ve read about 200 nonfiction books. But no fiction books. Strike that. No fiction books intended for people older than 5. And I used to go through fiction like water.

And, particuarly since they were really children’s books (but for older kids!), they were fast and easy reads and didn’t suck up too much time. I read most of the first book aloud to Wally.

So, after that foray back into fiction, I reserved Eragon at the library, thinking I might be able to read it aloud to Wally. I was wrong about that. However, it was a very enjoyable book. Oddly, a few times while reading, I stopped and thought that this must’ve been the author’s first book. Nothing concrete, just a feeling. Turns out, this WAS his first book, and he started writing it at 14.

yeah. I mean, I started writing a book at 14. I think I got one chapter done. That’s when I realized that my writing skills were better suited for nonfiction. (Note: I never dreamed I’d spend most of my career writing financial reports and discussing premium and annualizing and whatnot.)

It’s a very good book. One that reminded me WHY I have not read fiction for so many years. See, I need sleep. And when I’m reading, it interferes with my sleep in a way that nothing else does. I stayed up last night until the clocks changed, reading. Before kids, I would sometimes just not sleep at all, and Randy would find me in the morning in the same place he left me when he went to sleep – sitting up on my side of the bed, book light blazing, turning pages.

Now. Spoilers.

I had read online some unkind reviews of the movie Eragon. I see now why. This might be one case where I really recommend watching the movie first, so that you are not disappointed. The movie is really good. It’s just nothing like the book.

I’m not talking like Jurassic Park, or even Les Miserables, where the movie (or stage play) just simply follows a much simpler plot and doesn’t mess with the backstory. With Eragon, both the movie and the book contain the characters Eragon, Brom, Arya, the Shade, Saphira, etc. Eragon was raised by his uncle, and becomes a Rider. Brom dies. Eragon dreams of Arya. There is a battle. Um, that’s where the similarities end. Really. They are COMPLETELY different.

It’s a little wierd to think about how the movie people even got to the story portrayed in the movie. Like, did they actually read the book, or did they just hear a plot summary?

At any rate, now I’m #2 in the queue for Eldest, the next in the series.


3 responses to “Eragon

  1. I love Star Wars. I do, but Star Wars is not SF. It is Fantasy. It is considered Space Opera, but in the fantasy realm solidly.

    I do hope you’ll still be my friend! 😉

  2. If you liked Eragon you’ll like Eldest, also. I haven’t gotten to number 3 yet, but it’s on my “list to read someday soon”. “Soon” meaning maybe this year…maybe. Duane was a little disappointed by the movie. I didn’t see it.

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