washing machines, stem cells, and Rush Limbaugh

1. Catholic church says the washing machine has done more to liberate women than the pill. I agree. The pill hasn’t done anything that keeping your legs together before marriage and a little loving energy during marriage can’t do. The washing machine has freed women from hours upon hours of scrubbing laundry by hand. (At the same time, it took away income from washer-women.) Not to mention the harmful side effects of the pill. Laundry = side-effect free.

2. Stem cells. Some scientist on the news on the radio yesterday said “Finally, our research can be based on science and not politics.” OK, I hope nobody is giving HIM money if he’s that piss-poor of a scientist. Just becuase the Federal government is not funding your particular type of research does not mean that 1) you can’t pursue that research anyway or 2) you can’t research something ELSE. I’m not here to debate whether using tiny humans as research is a good thing, or something I want paid for with my money, but that statement by the scientist was just dumb.

3. Rush Limbaugh. OK, FIRST. OMG – Rush wants Obama to fail. And the world is shocked? Please. They’re using his words as all politicians do. (Consider the headlines that Grassley voted against jobs for Iowans… when he really just voted against the so-called stimulus bill. This is why everyone voted for CPSIA.) SECOND. Rush Limbaugh is, first and foremost, a man with something to sell. (same with everyone else in media, he’s no better or worse than CNN.) He has always been VERY good at that. The man has skills, and he’s so skilled that it’s hard to tell if they’re evil skills or good skills. THIRD. A survey was done during Bush’s first (I think) term, and somewhere near 60% of registered Democrats wanted him to fail. Oh, but we don’t talk about that, eh? No, we don’t talk about it because then Rush wouldn’t look so evil. FOURTH. I think it’s a piss-poor (phrase of the day) sign of how the Republican party is when the only person ANYONE can find to scapegoat/diss/focus negative attention on is Rush Limbaugh. We truly have no leaders. We’re in a sorry state. I hope that some ACTUAL conservatives appear soon, or I seriously fear for the future of our country, more than I already do. LAST. I also hope Obama fails. Not personally, I have nothing against him personally. But yes, his plans. His plans are, in my opinion, horrible plans. Some of them are not constitutional, some of them are socialist, and some are just not good ideas. (Some of them aren’t bad, I’m sure, though nothing comes to mind.) And, since I disagree with them vehemently, I hope they fail. I hope HE fails in bringing his plans to fruition.


One response to “washing machines, stem cells, and Rush Limbaugh

  1. Yep-what you said. There has been a lot as of late that has really disturbed me with a) the current administration and b) the way the media is spinning EVERYTHING. Honestly, why is the whole truth so hard to find, and aren’t there more important things to look at than whether El Rushbo wants the president to fail. He ripped Bush apart as well, folks. Come on. There is some lady in Iowa selling resuable toilet wipes. Now, that’s news.

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