March Madness

Alright, it’s that time of year again. The one time I get excited about sports. March Madness. Let’s review my patented team-picking system:

– Never pick any school whose name ends with State that is not actually a State. Kent State, for example. Those people are obviously mentally deficient if they don’t even know that Kent is not a State.

– In order of preference, choose teams who are located in states:

  • where I live
  • bordering Iowa
  • in the midwest
  • I have visited (with most recent visits taking preference over long-ago visits)
  • Family has lived (with closer relatives having preference over distant relatives)

– Schools with fun names usually take precedence over other schools. Villanova. Butler. Xavier. Austin Peay.

– Always pick Duke (I like Coach K). Except Duke’s really let me down in recent year.

– Tend to choose teams with God on their side. OK, I hope you realize that I do not honestly think God cares one whit about March Madness. But if I can’t choose between, say, BYU and Oklahoma or something…then I’d choose BYU because it’s a religious school. (Though in this case, even though I’ve visited OK and Randy’s lived there, I’d chose BYU not because it’s a religious school but because it’s in Utah and I’ve been there recently and frankly love the state.)

So you see, I had to pick UConn over Chattanooga, even though that killed me. I’ve not only been to Connecticut, but I’ve actually been to UConn, I know some of the faculty, and I worked there for a summer. (Laurie, you might know/know of the folks I worked with thru your parents – Joe Renzulli and Sally Reis.) But Chattanooga. Fun name PLUS it has a song about it!

So my bracket is over at FB. I’ll update here, too.


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