Inheritance Trilogy… make that Cycle

Argh. You seriously cannot start out making a trilogy and then decide, midway through book number three, that you absolutely MUST devote 1/3 of that book on the ins and outs of Dwarf culture, language, and politics and so, in order to finish the plot, you have to add a fourth book.

I’m not kidding. I’m sure there’s a law about that.

Trilogy = three. NOT FOUR. And changing it to “cycle” is taking the weaseley way out.

I like my books like I like my TV shows. I start reading (or watching) when they’re all done, so there’s no waiting. I watched Third Rock From The Sun, the whole series, over the course of about a month. I never finished reading the Left Behind series because when I finished the next-to-the-last book, the last one wasn’t out yet. And I just never got back to it. Enough time had passed that I stopped caring about the characters.

But, alas, the author of the Eragon books decided to make another one to finish the story… and it has not even been written yet. ARGH! By the time it comes out, Genna will be old enough that leisurely book reading will once again be a thing of the past with me.


Um, could the author have been more Star Wars ish if he was actually trying?? The whole finding out who is father is, the guy who was training him knew, he couldn’t fnish his training because his friends needed him, he promised to return, his mentor died before they really finished his training crap? That pissed me off a tad.

The descriptions of the battles, I found myself skimming after a while. Yeah, yeah. Swords, shields, arrows, blood, etc. Gotcha.

The phrase “the fork of his legs” is a really annoying way of saying “his nuts.”

Otherwise, the series was good. It did not get BETTER in the subsequent books, but seemed to suffer the fate of many movie series – the first one was really good, the second one was still good but vaguely disappointing, and the third, you read (or watch) merely to find out what happens. The fourth one better come through, baby.


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