A few emails I’ve received lately prompted this post.

Why cover your head?

I can’t speak to why others choose to cover their heads. For some, it’s a religious mandate (Muslims, some Jews, Amish, some Mennonite, others?). For some, it’s less a religious mandate and more of a personal conviction.

I’m not really going to debate the Biblical aspect here. In my opinion, women covering their head is not mandated by the Bible, but neither is it forbidden. I believe it’s a practice that is smiled upon by God when done for the correct purpose.

I CAN speak to why I have chosen to cover during various phases of my life.

A year or more ago, I felt a desire, an urging, to look into the practice of head covering. The more reading I did, the more I felt I should cover. I prayed about it, did more reading, did more praying, and it just seemed so “right.” So, one day, I started covering. I didn’t remember to do it every day. But I covered most days, most of the time. This was while I was working at JoAnn, and I did NOT cover at work – to be honest, I didn’t feel strongly enough about it to potentially have it be a huge deal (outside of the uniform).

I was covering during the period of time that we lost the two babies. Looking back, I wonder if this wasn’t the whole reason I felt so strongly drawn to covering. Because, also looking back, the main benefits I found from this practice were a constant sense of being under God’s headship, and a stronger connection to my faith. These two things were essential to my being able to process what was happening.

Again looking back, I wonder if I wouldn’t have had an easier time with Genna’s pregnancy if I had continued the practice of covering instead of letting it slip by the wayside in the crazy mess surrounding my mom’s hospitalization and death.

I’ve gone back to covering my head most days recently, but it’s different this time, because I’m covering for different reasons. And I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve felt a little out of touch with God lately, maybe. I feel the need to cover, even when not feeling particularly nasty-hair-day-ish. But the spiritual aspect is just not there for me right now.


3 responses to “Headcovering

  1. God bless you! Signs are powerful things that point to something greater than we are. Symbols are those signs which teach us what we are looking for—the cover is the sign of your willingness to be God’s servant especially in difficult circumstances–and a symbol of your tinacity to carry on no matter what.
    But sometimes when my love is particularly absent and leaves me alone to face the difficulties “unprotected” or so it seems, the cover remains in the drawer—a sign a symbol of my aloneness. But soon He will come again and urge me to place the cloth upon my head a sign that he has never really left me but a warming symbol of his love none the less.

  2. It is beatful what you say about the help covering offered you in the loss of the 2 babies, i can see that, the cover offering a constant “touch” from God and a reminder you are walking in His path.

    I have never seen you not covered, in the small amout of time i have seen you, so i did not realize you had been slacking. (this is, of course, an older post too).

    Thanks for the look into your faith path.

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