I am worried

reading the CPSC’s recent letter to Congress (here). They make the point that the CPSIA completely ignores the framework of the CPSC, which has always been allowed to develop its own priorities – which risks are the greatest, where their time and money will make the greatest impact, etc. They make the excellent point that having to focus on stupid things such as whether a child can be exposed to lead through the valve stem of a bike tire is distracting them from things that could actually kill a child. They point out that the law makes illegal the sale of dirt bikes to kids, so is forcing parents into buying adult sized dirt bikes for their kids…which could very will kill the kids.

What they’re getting at is that Congress is completely overstepping their bounds here – they wrote this detailed, onerous law with the underlying assumption being that CPSC and Americans in general are not able/allowed to do any thinking on their own. There is VERY LITTLE flexibility in the CPSIA. That is why, I think, even my more knowledgeable-about-Congress friends had trouble believing it at first. It’s unusual in its specificity.

But wait! Congress is not done.

Now they’re working on tagging of livestock, even for me and my three backyard chickens.

And the new food bill that could make it illegal for me to sell excess produce to neighbors.

And they’re taxing a particular group of people, retroactively? Um, isn’t that against the Constitution?

Not that Congress doesn’t normally do stupid things. But this many stupid things in a row?


3 responses to “I am worried

  1. First of all, I love that you have a tag called Things That Suck.
    Second, holy cow, it gets scarier by the day. I knew about all those things (especially since the NAIS legislation and the gardening directly affect me), but this is ridiculous. I would like to know where the American people will draw the line and act. Each day I feel less and less crazy to be so grateful in knowing that I have food sources readily available, even if power is gone because something big is going down. I don’t tend to be so doom and gloom minded, but the current situation with our government leaves very little else to think!

  2. we had a girls weekend and were discussing that NYstate wants to tax farmers an annual (or maybe anal) tax per cow for ’emissions’ – that’s right, the cow fart tax. I personally know a few people that should probably be taxed, also. Wonder how you’d get an exemption ?!?!?

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