This week – try again.

i managed to forget that i will be teaching small children to shim sham all day friday…

argh, this week just is not going as planned.

Genna’s morning nap is only about 20 minutes, and she’s pretty grumpy with this tooth coming up. Wally’s for whatever reason feeling that he needs more attention, so he’s acting up. Between the two of them, I’m not getting done the work I need to get done. I’m now 2 full days behind. ugh.

Then just as I decide that I’m not getting anything done and I’m going to call it quits for the day, Genna falls asleep. Now, I’m happy she’s asleep, but I had just let Wally paint in my office and put his paintings all over the floor to dry, and I can’t pick them up with her sleeping in the pouch, and I don’t trust Wally to do it, so working is not possible. Plus, once I turn off the motor, it’s hard to get it turned back on.

So, here’s the new list for the week.

Tomorrow, Thursday, morning.
Sew around pocket diapers.
Finish up Little Leg Warmers for Oh Baby.

Thursday afternoon: hang with Wally

Tomorrow, Thursday, in the evening.
Elastic on pocket diapers
Turn pocket diapers
load car

Friday morning.

Friday afternoon.
Set up for Oh Baby.

Friday night.
Relax because Saturday’s going to be a looooooooooooong day.

Oh Baby

  • water
  • snack
  • my wrap, pouch, mt
  • cell phone
  • itouch
  • knitting
  • diapers for the day
  • toys for g
  • wet bag
  • change of clothes for g
  • change of shirt for me

Saturday afternoon and Sunday
Sew down pockets, tags
Touchtape on Pockets
Process orders from weekend

List new Pocket diaper inventory
Process shipping from weekend orders
Cut out MTOs and begin work.

yike, i do not think this is going to work…


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