Prepared, ready, willing? Paranoia and geekiness ahead.

Many of the most compelling books and movies feature ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances and forced to rise to the occasion. Let’s take Eragon, because I read it recently. Eragon himself is just a farm boy…and one day, his life changed and suddenly he was a Dragon Rider and he and his dragon were the sole hope for the resistance against the evil King. Eragon’s cousin in the books, Roran, is also a simple farm boy. One day, the bad guys steal his woman and threaten his village. He rises to the occasion, becomes a great leader, leads his village to safety and rescues his woman.

Take any war and you find hundrends of such stories.

People who were not necessarily prepared….but who were willing. And, in being willing, became prepared.

Makes me wonder, if the occasion called for it, would I be willing? would I be prepared?


One response to “Prepared, ready, willing? Paranoia and geekiness ahead.

  1. I am constantly thinking things like this! I have started gathering my emergency kits for the family…. I guess that goes to prepared. Someone asked me what I was expecting to happen. I just shrugged and said, “You never know *what* will happen!” LOL

    On the subject of prepared, although I am not morman, the Morman church is really into food storage and I found a great blog for food storage. It goes into 72 hour emergency kits, how to store, and what to store for more long term storage. Let me know if you want the link.

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