It’s against my personal beliefs to pay someone to help me pay the US Government what they force me to give them in their grand wealth redistribution program. So I do it myself. Technically, I end up paying TurboTax to help me do it. And it’s so frustratingly complex. (which is another reason I don’t take my stuff to a tax preparer – doing it at home, I can walk off and get what I need when i get to that part on the form. taking it somewhere, I’d have to gather it all at one time, and that’s too hard.)

We had a zillion stock transactions with my mom’s stuff. The stuff transferred to us individually, I guess, and then was sold so we could take the money and invest it in something that wasn’t, well, Citibank. (which was one of her holdings, along with GM.) Each stock transaction has to be listed individually. argh.

Then there was the medical bills. Turbo Tax pointed out that it only made sense to enter medical bills if they were over X amount. I could check “Yes” they were over that amt, or “no” they weren’t. They didn’t have a box for “and how.” I guess, until I sat down to do our taxes, I’d never really had the guts to add up what we spent last year in medical bills. Not what was billed. Our out of pocket. Ready? $10,910.78   Ten THOUSAND dollars. Holy mother of God. No wonder I’m so broke this year.

Then, because we traded in my Land Rover, which was used partly for business use, for the Honda, we had to fill out a bunch of stupid and worthless forms documenting that whole transaction. I’m not really sure why the IRS even gives a flying rat’s behind about the whole thing. I chose not to tell them about the whole “Dealer crashed my new car and so gave me another one” fiasco, as I’m sure that would just have resulted in another slew of paperwork.

So anyway. I’m done except I need to enter in my car registration information, and then do the state, which takes about 3 seconds. I can’ t believe I let it get to April before taking care of this! We kept waiting for TurboTax to go on sale, and it never was, and finally office depot had it on sale last week, so that’s my excuse…


4 responses to “Taxes

  1. We always use tt online-which was on sale a few weeks ago:) But we always file in Jan, so missed that boat anyway. Harold’s stuff has me listing stocks individually. Always tres fun.

  2. yep, I’m one of those tax preparer people that you don’t use. Good thing someone does, since that pays our bills. Some people are just not numbers people and we are, so we sell our services the same as you sell your products. We also do monthly bookwork for those who chose not to. Yesterday, hubby re-did one and got double state and more than double fed refund for someone who had done their son’s simple return themselves. We are not big time, just a small private CPA practice. We’re not paying big bucks to say it on TV or the radio, but you better believe we’ll maximize your refund. You are our friends, why wouldn’t we?? I am the one who usually handles the ‘shoebox’ greetings.. you know, the people with a shoebox full of slips, receipts and crumbs. Never a dull moment!! But I like it, and people appreciate what I do, for the most part. It IS such a relief when it is done.

  3. I’m not knocking folks who prepare taxes… I know many of those. I like accountants, which is another story. What I have a problem with is a government system that is so complex that an entire industry has sprung up around trying to adhere to it. And it’s so complex that most people (I’ll admit, including me) have a hard time or simply cannot do it correctly, and then when we screw up (usually accidentally), we are severely penalized. Oh, wait, unless we’ve been nominated to the Cabinet…

    I actually keep a file for all of our tax-related stuff, but then there’s all that misc. stuff that I don’t think about as being tax-related that gets filed with other stuff. The receipts from when we bought the car goes in the car file. My business stuff stays in MS Money on the ‘puter, etc.

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