Easter Egg Dyeing

Last year, I wrote about using natural dyes for egg dyeing purposes. Today I came across something even cooler – using old silk ties!! It’s actually a Martha Stewart project.

For our family, this was the first year we’ve ever attempted to dye eggs. I have so many dye options available to me – Labcolors, Procion, and the various inks for screenprinting, but wanted to keep the eggs edible, so we ended up just using liquid food color. Filled a small drinking glass about half full with water, a splash of rice vinegar (OK, because we only have rice vinegar right now, no normal vinegar), and enough food coloring to make the water fairly dark. Let the egg soak for a while, remove, voila. I’ve heard that it would have worked better had I used HOT water.

From my reading, the natural dyes, which I really want to try, take even longer than the food color does, and I think my son is a bit sick of craft projects that take longer than a few minutes to complete. He’s not real long on patience.


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