Food, eating

OK, I think I hit a low point on Tuesday. Tuesday, while we had friends over, I made generic chicken noodle soup from a can. It was super nasty. (Wally had been begging me for chicken soup from a can for weeks and I finally bought some, but we were kind of broke last weekend, so I bought generic. ew.)

We need to change our eating habits again.

Here’s where I’m at. We already are pretty good at avoiding HFCS (ok, except DH will NOT give up his condiments). We do pretty good at eating colors, eating from various food groups. (I don’t do the food pyramid.)

What we’ve slacked off on are whole foods. Since Genna, in particular, we’re relying more on convenience or processed foods.Ā  Plus, well, it’s been winter.

So here’s what I have on the whiteboard.

Eat Better. Whole Foods. Less Processed. No potatoes from boxes, no soup from cans, no veggies from cans (except what’s currently in our cupboard). When we buy things, think about if we can buy the ingredients and make it ourselves. Make our bread.

This is all stuff I used to do, but we’ve gotten away from it.

This is written with the understanding that Wednesdays, we still have class, and we still have to fit in dinner before class, and with the understanding that I still don’t have time to wash 100 dishes every day. Also, I decided long ago that I do not cook dinner before Randy gets home with both kids around me. I will cook dinner after Randy gets home, or he can cook dinner. I don’t do dinner alone. šŸ™‚

HOWEVER. When we have fun food, or we make snacks, or we do cookies (Wally’s very favorite activity), I have no issues with suger, white flour, food coloring, and all the super nastiness that’s in sprinkles. (OMG, I read the ingredients when we were doing Christmas cookies. caranuba wax?) I used to try to do healthy cookies and whatnot, but I’m not as concerned about that now. We try not to do treats too often, and when we do treats, then, we do treats.

OK, but we’ve had treats too often these days, too. Actually, that’s mostly just me. šŸ˜‰


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