Clifton Gunderson sucks my a**. They send us this schedule K which I had NO IDEA was coming and I have NO IDEA what it’s for (other than the obvious, my mom’s estate). It bumps our taxes up enough that we not only owe an a**load of money we don’t have but underpayment penalties, as well. For the record, when I asked the attorney if we’d need to worry about the estate’s effect on our income taxes, they said NO. They send it TODAY. Yet when I call today the guy’s all snotty with me about it being Saturday and there’s nobody there and they’ll have to call me back on Monday.

Well, F you, mister snooty, you’re the one who sent me a schedule K TWO DAYS BEFORE TAXES ARE DUE. OMG I’m so mad.


One response to “ps

  1. Mad? I couldn’t tell. I’m going to call you potty mouth mama from now on. PMM for short. 😉 Take deep breath and eat some Easter candy. It will be ok.

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