Completed: 1 of the Fiction books

The Hobbit. I can’t say I really particularly enjoyed the book. I thought it was time to read it, and the others in the series, so I did, but it wasn’t my favorite book in the world. It actually was quite hard for me to get started, and I did not even really get into it much until I was about 3/4 through. I started the book just before I started this list (so I grandfathered it in, since I was only on about page 10).


One response to “Completed: 1 of the Fiction books

  1. It is a difficult book to get into at first. I think I have read it 3 times now over the past twenty years or so. On the first read I did find the humour in it entertaining although the names and places were difficult to understand and remember. On reading through the series the characters started to come alive, the elves, wizards and hobbits become friends and you become part of their world. I do believe the film series did the books justice, however, I was disapponted the never filmed The Hobbit.

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