Taxes, where we ended up

Alright, first, let me say that it is a well known character flaw with me that I do NOT do well with unexpected complications. I never have. I am usually able to go with the flow but certain things get me very upset.

Getting a MASSIVE Schedule K (which I was reading wrong and was actually showing about 1/3 again more than what I had thought it was showing) at the last minute, changing our nice refund into a large, large amount owed…. yeah, that’s one of those things that’ll get me upset.

So we decided to take the advice of my awesome CPA blog reader/commentor and just file the taxes sans Schedule K. We’ll amend them when we get the corrected one. That was so much easier than doing the request to delay filing. (so, THANKS.)

And, to admit that I was wrong, sort of, had I known it was going to be this messy this year, I would have totally hired someone to handle it for me. But, what would have happened is that I would have taken them all my stuff in February and paid them and it would have been all done, and then I would have had to pay them to handle this last minute crap for me and then we would have found out it was all wrong and I would have had to pay them again to fix it. I’m not opposed to paying people for their time, but I’m not sure it would have been significantly less hassle for me in the end.

That said, we are considering finding someone to do our taxes for us next year. (Karen, where are you from?)


3 responses to “Taxes, where we ended up

  1. Let me know if you do want someone to do your taxes next year. My sister Carrie does taxes for people. (She’s not a CPA, but she’s certified to do them.)

    Lisa H.

  2. We are from Findley Lake NY… just the corner between Erie PA and Buffalo NY… we do mostly PA and NY state, but also IN, NC,OH,Virginia, FL,CO, pretty much whatever or wherever people have, but in your case, you might want someone closer that you can meet face to face. Most of our distance people are people that we know that live away, or have moved. Hope this all works out for you. My thinking on waiting is you have time for them to get it all the way right…hopefully!! …before you file the amended return.. GOOD LUCK WITH ALL OF THAT!! Don’t give up on having the trust pay the amount owed out of your portion and also paying the penalty/interest for them not having it done correctly and on time. PMS usually gets stuff like that done for me!! People run for cover… whatever it takes… :o)

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