Final Thoughts on Taxes from PottyMouth Mama

OK, I have a serious problem with the state making it a REQUIRED field on our state tax returns to tell them how many of our claimed children have health insurance. There wasn’t an option for “mind your own business, Big Brother.” That seriously bugs me. If my kids do not have health insurance and I feel they need it, I can certainly seek out Hawk-I coverage myself. And it seems to never occur to people that some kids/families don’t have health insurance BY CHOICE!! Randy’s always worked with one or two people who opt out of health insurance entirely. They prefer taking their chances, paying as they go. More power to them. If we didn’t end up ahead 9 years out of 10, I’d probably consider it, too.

Second, I also have a serious problem with the state legislature (um, majority Democrat) deciding NOT to adopt the federal extenders. And the fact that iowa’s forms and instructions mostly assumed they would because they always do. more here.


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