Earth Day Goings-on (April 22 is Earth Day)

There are tons of Earth Day related activities around Des Moines, if you’re so inclined. One of the more popular is Earth Day in the Junction at Valley Junction. There are exhibits and a few activities throughout the day on Saturday, April 18.

This one looks like fun: the Vegetarian Community of Iowa is hosting a celebration on Wednesday, April 22, at Ritual Cafe. There will be yummy samples of vegetarian food and, of course, the Ritual Cafe menu is full of vegetarian, organic, and local foods. (4:00-7:00, swing by after work!)

The Botanical Center is offering free admission all day on Earth Day (April 22). The Iowa DNR is unveiling a new trash sculpture.

Earth Day is, of course, April 22, and many families plan special activities for the day. For example, we usually go for a walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash, and talk to the kid(s) about the importace of not littering, keeping nature beautiful, taking care of our surroundings, etc. What does your family do for Earth Day?


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