A few Updates

My laptop’s in the shop, more updates when I get it back – with pictures!!

But these don’t need pictures. Two monthly items:

– new vocabularly word. I used Obfuscate. It wasn’t an entirely new word to me, but is certainly one I don’t use often enough.  (confuse or make unclear)

– compliment a stranger. This is harder than it might seem. I don’t want to compliment shallowly, you know? “hey, nice shirt.” I ended up deciding that this counted. At Lowe’s the other day, the checkout lady completely humored Wally. He wanted to “purchase” one of the paint chip booklets. He thinks they’re books, and is tickled pink that we sometimes let him get one. So he told her he wanted to buy it, and she scanned it with her wand and didn’t go over the top with it, but treated him like a person. So often, I find that our kids are ignored by strangers, even when they’re trying to participate. (Sometimes waitresses at restaurants ignore Wally when he orders his own food, which is really frustrating.) Anyway, thanked her for treating him so kindly, and the fact that I was appreciative seemed to brighten her day as much as her attitude brightened my own.


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