EC Update

I know you’re all dying to know, lol.

But the last few days have been really good. Has any pee hit the potty? no. Have I been peed on in fact MORE than most other days? Yes. What makes this good?

We’re starting to click. I know when she needs to go. I haven’t figured out her signals yet, her “tell.” But I get that same random gut feeling I ignored for so long with Wally. Suddenly the thought “she needs to pee.” The first day, I ignored it every time, like an idiot. Today, I heeded it and took her to the potty, or the drain, or the container, or the sink. Nothing. She thinks I’m really stinking funny, but hasn’t made the connection yet.

Unlike Wally, though, she has the ability to hold it.

Like a mama cat whose labor stops if she’s interrupted, Genna will stop peeing mid-pee if interrupted. And she won’t start again until much later. Like 30 minutes. So when I know she needs to pee, she just doesn’t, because we get up and interrupt her whole relaxation thing. Then, 10 minutes later, whoosh.

But that’s good, this is the start of a good breakthrough.


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